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Ingredients are what makes a good recipe, or a recipe for disaster

Our promise to you is that our products are free of harsh ingredients, parabens, sulphates*, propylene glycol, mineral oil ( known to clog pores), petroleum derived ingredients. In our natural make up line, bismuth oxychoride (a common skin irritant/ heavy metal filler used in mineral make up) is not used.

Two of the most common ingredients found in everyday skin and hair care products are propylene glycol and parabens. Research has shown that propylene glycol is harmful to the cellular and protein structure of skin while parabens have shown to have an estrogenic effect and have been found in small quantities in breast tumours. "See Ingredients To Avoid". Sodium lauryl / laureth sulphate has also been widely known to be a harsh detergent, an irritant to the eye membrane, yet it is ubiquitous in daily shampoos.

For the convenience of vegan consumers, we will also disclose if the product is vegan friendly.

We love animals and do not sell products which are derived from harming any animal, at the same time, there is no animal testing involved.

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