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During my teenage years, I had a very bad case of acne which left me searching for the antidote to stop the flourishing spots and eliminate the scars.

Like many of my customers, I tried a myriad of beauty products, from established commercial brands to niche salon products to prescription dermatologist creams.  In hindsight, now fully armed with a Wikipedia of knowledge about skin care ingredients, I believe the products I was using could have exacerbated the problem!

Having learned to recognize skin problems associated with various ingredients, I realize that my skin turns blotchy and blisters upon contact with alcohol in some skin care products.

I also break out with products containing petroleum and silicone derivatives and synthetic fragrances.

As for hair care, I could not use typical formulations with sulphates, SLS, or DEA, as they caused my hair to drop, possibly being harsh surfectants, sometimes at a rate that would alarm me as I sadly stared at the soggy mess clogging my shower drain!

Over the last 10 years, I made a conscious decision to phase out the ‘worst offenders’ from all of the products I used and I gradually switched to completely natural products.

I found my skin more radiant and my hair more resilient and, as a person who genuinely appreciates all things natural, I love the peace of mind that comes with applying botanically derived ingredients without worrying about potential carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, and other nasty synthetics!

What started as an effort to seek out solutions to my own daily natural needs led, somewhat accidentally, to the birth of Charis Naturals.

More than just a hobby or business, I was lucky enough to stumble upon my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be able to bring you products which I have personally tested and completely believe in with all of my heart.

Wherever possible, I hope I can share my knowledge to assist you in making a healthier choice to preserving your skin and beauty. Our product range is specially selected to cater to all budgets, so rather than the proverbial 15 minutes of fame, I hope we can bring you 15 minutes of everyday organic luxury!

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