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Charis Naturals caters to customers who appreciate the beauty of nature and understand the importance of being highly selective of the ingredients contained in beauty and personal care products.

Our brands are distinct from other “naturally inspired” brands (which still contain numerous synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients). We will never “greenwash” and will only present to our customers those products that we believe exemplify our own personal ideals.

We focus on efficacy and sustainability, but we strongly believe consumers need not sacrifice luxury to buy organic! Our expertise allows us to educate our customers on those products that are right for their own unique skin type, skin condition, and beauty concerns.

At Charis, we strive to maintain a social conscience in our business activities. We are actively involved in supporting local charities and many of our brands are chosen due to their brand philosophies of giving back.

We aim to bring you responsibly packaged products and ask all of our suppliers and customers to do their utmost to conserve and protect our planet’s natural resources. We actively seek out brands who have adopted minimalist re-usable or recyclable packaging and we actively encourage our customers to recycle.

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