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Who knew that organic baby rash cream has a whole array of uses!

September 1, 2018
Organic baby rash cream, organic Acne cream
Urtekram organic baby zinc cream



Do u know Urtekram’s (certified organic) baby zinc cream is not just for baby’s rash? We have discovered several handy applications, even for adult use.

1) Natural insect/ mosquito repellent
Accidentally found out this helps to prevent insect mozzie bites, just apply a thin layer before going outdoors. Mozzies don’t like the scent of zinc oxide.

2) Anti- inflammatory
Helps to calm mozzie bites and is an anti-itch cream. ( zinc oxide is also the key ingredient in the ever popular calamine lotion). Because you stop scratching, your skin will likely recover faster and without scarring.

3) Alleviates cold sores
Zinc cream may prevent cold sores if you apply it once you feel a tingling sensation at the side of your mouth. This prevents the unsightly sores from popping up, and also shortens the duration of cold sores and heals cold sores.

4) Treats adult acne
Due to the 10% zinc oxide content, Baby Zinc Cream can be used as spot treatment! Great value as the cream is 75ml. Some thoughts on using baby rash cream as acne treatment https://madamenoire.com/696239/diaper-rash-cream-acne/

5) Use as a low SPF sunblock
Mix 70-80% of zinc cream with 20-30% of Urtekram handcream or Body Lotion to use as a low SPF ( estimated SPF 6-12) protection sunblock. This combination allows better spreadbility, and also keeps your skin moisturized. The sun protection comes from the zinc oxide in the Baby Zinc cream.

So this is an excellent versatile cream to have at home, as has multiple uses!

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