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Oils for Every Skin Type – Yes, Even Oily Skin!

June 20, 2018
Oils are a taboo in the beauty conversation for some, whereas it is a holy grail that some swear by. However, it is becoming increasingly popular due to the trend of double cleansing in K-Beauty and natural beauty. Today, we will look at how to incorporate oils into your daily beauty routine, for your skin […]

Know Your Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol

June 19, 2018
Your skin is the biggest organ in your body – I’m sure you’ve heard. That’s why we should do everything we can in our capacity to keep our skin healthy, and free from toxins that could possibly harm such an important organ in our body. There are preservatives in things that we use everyday, like […]

Product Labels: Don’t Fall Prey to False Organic Labelling!

June 13, 2018
Lets explore the truth about Organic Labelling in products – how brands can deceive the undiscerning consumer  into purchasing products that are not really organic, and how to spot the truly organic ones. There are millions of products in the vast marketplace that claim to be ‘Organic’ and ‘All Natural’, but how do you actually know […]

My switch from Conventional Skincare/Make-up Brands To Natural and Organic Brands

October 14, 2017
Why I decided to switch from conventional skincare and makeup brands to natural and organic brands. I started using skincare and make-up products since I was 18 years old. At that young age, I already have this belief that our skin is the most important ‘feature’ and best asset on our face or even entire […]

How and Why to Use Argan Oil

May 25, 2016
(Part 1: Using Argan Oil for your Face?!) When most of us think of argan oil, we think of shiny, bouncy hair. But did you know it has amazing benefits for your skin, too? Katharine L’Heureux, founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, explains: “I had been searching for effective organic skincare at the time when I […]

Stress away in a bottle – organic healing treatment for headaches

May 5, 2016
It is an oft heard complaint ” I am so stressed out by work! ” I hear that all the time from my friends, coupled with that frazzled, tired dark panda-eyed gaze. Hence, I have been searching all around for the stress relief in a bottle. The amazing news from this search is our star […]

Asparagus for skin! Detox, Anti-aging, and even facial treatments….Who knew!?

February 25, 2016
I know this all may sound a little odd to those of us who are used to getting all our facial products and treatments in a bottle (or at the spa!), but lately I’ve been fascinated with how many simple remedies often seem to be so effective, and right under our noses! Asparagus is alkaline […]

The humble facial soap bar

February 26, 2015
There are many natural body soaps in the market- look for those with 100% natural ingredients and no colouring/no synthetic preservatives- that would soothe your skin gently. Usually, facial soaps have a higher content of flower, plant oils, and antioxidants for visible results.

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