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Clean, Conscious, Vegan Foundation from Sappho

June 19, 2018

Us here at Charis Naturals are committed to giving our customers the freedom to enjoy makeup and cosmetics from companies that have pledged to use only the best ingredients in their formulations.

One of our main makeup brands that we carry is none other than Sappho!The Core values of Sappho are being clean, conscious and vegan. Essential Foundation is our top selling foundation and where the brand really started. JoAnn Fowler, the founder of Sappho, is an Emmy nominated veteran film and Hollywood makeup artist. She was educated on toxic ingredients in makeup by one of the actresses Mia Kirsher while she was head of make up on the set of The L Word. Mia Kirshner told her, “JoAnn, I’m not wearing any more parabens in any of my products.“ So that’s what sparked JoAnn’s research and discovery on what was the industry standard and harmful ingredients. If you’d like to read more on her story, head on over here: https://www.google.com.sg/amp/s/beautyeditor.ca/.amp/2015/05/29/green-makeup-artist-joann-fowler

Because of its roots, Essential Foundations are named after actresses whom JoAnn has worked with while creating this line and who have encouraged her to start this, and also mirror their skin tone for the innovative 100% natural foundation with more than 70% NSF organic certified ingredients!

Some ingredients that are in Sappho’s Foundations:

    • Shea Butter – Moisturizing, non comedogenic and also helps reduce inflammation and the appearance of fine lines
    • Coconut Oil – Found in our New Paradigm Foundation, it gives your skin a healthy amount of moisture and glow!
    • Neem and Tea Tree Oil – Antibacterial agents that keep your skin healthy and clean even with makeup on.
    • Organic Aloe Vera juice – One of nature’s best moisturisers!
  • Organic Calendula Extract – A calming and soothing plant extract that helps to heal irritated and wounded skin.

Essential Foundation is more for those with problematic skin, such as sensitive and acne prone skin, and enjoys a lighter coverage! It does not contain regular coconut oil, unlike the New Paradigm Foundation. The NP Foundation is great for creating higher coverage, and for those who want more moisture in their foundation!

If you’ve always wanted to try Sappho’s line of foundations but also have been apprehensive to committing to a full sized product, here’s your chance!

Charis Naturals is rolling out the Experience Sappho Package! Choose any 3 sample tubes of either Essential or New Paradigm Foundation for a discounted price of $30 (usual price $38.40). The promotion will automatically be applied at checkout, there’s no need for any promo codes!

The foundations designed to cater to almost every woman as they are available in 25 shades.

Sappho-Essentials-Foundation-Color-Swatch-guide-comparison-new maxresdefault

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.32.16 PM

Be it trying out shades before getting the full sized bottle, or getting a travel sized foundation for your summer vacation, don’t miss this chance to experience Sappho’s clean, conscious and vegan line of foundations. Don’t wait, click here to view the Sappho line available on Charis Naturals now!

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