Exfoliate away the dead skin cells with the relaxing and calming scent of lavender cleansing scrub. Pamper and moisturize your skin with body oil and the lotion. Your skin will thank you for loving it ~ loving yourself =)

Urtekram Lavender Body Care Set

* Urtekram Purple Lavender Body Scrub 150ml

* Urtekram Soothing Lavender Body Oil 100ml

* Urtekram Soothing Lavender Body Lotion 245ml

Lavender Body Care Set - Charis Naturals


The perfect balance of care and colour. Treat your hair to this light, luxurious shampoo and conditioner that help preserve your colour while gently cleanse and protect.

Enriched with Colour Protect Complex, which contains natural ingredients that penetrate inside the hair shaft to lock in colour vibrancy. The colour-preserving combination of conditioning ingredients help to reduce colour loss and fading caused by styling and washing while protecting against sun damage.

You will love the way it feels on your scalp, and the way your hair looks and feels. For the most beautiful, longest lasting colour results.

Colour Preserve Hair Care Set - Charis Naturals

Urtekram Colour Preserve Soft Wild Rose Hair Care Set

* Urtekram Colour Preserve Soft Wild Rose Conditioner 180ml

 * Urtekram Colour Preserve Soft Wild Rose Shampoo 500ml

An Organic Handy Treat

Do your hands feel beaten by the scourge of COVID with the constant use of hand sanitizers? It's inevitable to have to disinfect your hands, to upkeep maximum hygiene levels for your skin.

Beautiful, silky soft hands are within your reach, with organic Urtekram hand wash and cream, and you no longer have to be beaten down by dry skin, or fine lines on hands.

Spicy Orange Blossom Hand Care Set - Charis Naturals

Urtekram Spicy Orange Blossom Hand Care Set

* Urtekram Spicy Orange Blossom
Hand Wash 300ml
* Urtekram Spicy Orange Blossom
Hand Cream 75ml

Soft Wild Rose Hand Care Set - Charis Naturals

Urtekram Soft Wild Rose Hand Care Set

* Urtekram Soft Wild Rose
Hand Wash 300ml
* Urtekram Organic Rose
Hand Cream 75ml

Soothing Lavender Hand Care Set - Charis Naturals

Urtekram Soothing Lavender Hand Care Set

* Urtekram Soothing Lavender
Hand Wash 300ml
* Urtekram Soothing Lavender
Hand Cream 75ml

Urtekram Wild Lemongrass Hand Care Set

* Urtekram Wild Lemongrass
Hand Wash 300ml
* Urtekram Wild Lemongrass
Hand Cream 75ml

*PS - Urtekram Soothing Lavender Hand Cream or Purple Lavender Hand Cream will be distributed randomly, the formulation is the same for both.


It is an Essential Care Set for the little ones and adults as well. Urtekram Baby All-Over-Wash for Baby’s body and hair. It contains aloe vera and glycerine to nurture the soft skin of your baby and it does not sting the eyes!

The Fragrance Free Zinc Cream contains aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil and zinc, soothe and protect Baby’s irritated little red bottom or the drooling chapped rashes that frequently appear on chubby cheeks. The cream is safe and completely toxin-free and is multifunctional too. It is able to double up as an Acne Mask or even a mild sunscreen. Due to the zinc components, it is highly recommended by professionals for eczema-prone skin as well.

Massage the fragrance-free oil onto baby after a warm bath. Watch how baby enjoys it. It gives a soothing effect and strengthens the bond between mother and baby and certainly cuddle friendly. It gently removes cradle cap too.
This versatile organic oil can also be used by adults as sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are excellent gentle makeup removers. Another perk comes from broccoli seed oil that is rich in vitamin A and C, balances sebum production, soothes inflammation and alleviates eczema and acne conditions.

Urtekram Fragrance Free Sensitive Baby Care Set

* Urtekram No Perfume Baby All-Over-Wash 250ml

* Urtekram No Perfume Baby Zinc Cream 75ml

* Urtekram No Perfume Baby Body Oil 100ml

~All our beauty products are labeled according to vegan association an certified by Ecocert COSMOS standard ~

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