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Introducing Plant Based Packaging by Urtekram

February 22, 2019
From sugar cane to packaging
From sugar cane to packaging

As part of the movement towards a more sustainable future, in addition to having all its Body Care content certified organic, Urtekram is leading in the organic beauty industry in transforming all its packaging to plant-based packaging! Adapted from its website, “Urtekram has been awarded as Denmark’s most sustainable brand and we regard that as a commitment. At URTEKRAM®, we make an effort in protecting the environment and sustainability is always on the top of our minds.

This will be a continuous transition, as rolled out last 2018. During the fall of 2018, they transferred the packaging of all body care products to plant based packaging, made from sugar canes while from the beginning of 2019, the bottles and tubes leaving the overseas factory in Mariager, Denmark, are all to be made from the renewable source of sugar canes.

The new plant based bottles and tubes are made of polyethylene (PE) and are of the same good and durable quality as the existing bottles and tubes. Bottles and tubes of plant-based plastic can be recycled after use in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging and local environmental regulations. (There will be clear instructions on recycling on all the packaging as well).

The advantage of using sugar cane is that it is a renewable resource, which absorbs CO2 from the air. The sugar cane bagasse used for production of the plant-based packaging in Urtekram Body Care is from a renewable resource (where harvesting sugar cane is pressed and the juice is retrieved for consumption, leaving bagasse – the solid part that remains recovered for use as packaging). For each ton of sugar cane used in this process, approximately 2 tons of CO2 are actually absorbed from the air. Thus, this move will not only mean less use of conventional plastic and more care for the environment, but also reducing waste by recovering the bagasse – what was once treated to be not useful anymore.

We are truly excited for this change and happy that with every passing day, more is being done for the environment and our future. Now it is up to us consumers, to make the right choice and choose sustainable brands instead! 🙂



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