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Looking for an organic solution to sheet masks?

February 15, 2019
Orgaid Sheet Mask from USA


Due to the current K-Beauty wave, sheet masks are everywhere. Ranging from drugstore brands, to boutique ones, as well as a whole realm of flavours to choose from, beauty junkies like you and I are spoilt for choice!

However, did you know that many of these masks, contain harmful chemicals that most people wouldn’t think of allowing into their other skincare products, and not to mention super wasteful. Sheet masks do require stronger preservatives because they are mostly water, so it is often easier and more profitable to source potentially toxic preservative systems instead of natural versions. Single-use sheet mask also comes with fabric, a clear film, and an individual packet all to deliver a mixture of serum and active ingredients – an excessive amount of packaging to think about it.

Thus, if you are looking for an organic and eco-friendlier solution to your skincare staple, let us introduce you to our line of Orgaid Sheet Mask from the U.S.A.

Made with more than 70% organic ingredients and no chemical preservatives, the Orgaid sheet mask line is formulated without the common fillers found in “conventional” sheet masks likely to cause irritation: Alcohols, formaldehyde, sulfates, fragrance and phalates. Orgaid is committed to creating formulations with cruelty-free ingredients, staying away from animal testing and promising an effective delivery of organic formulations. The lactobacillus ferment and niacinamide (Vitamin B) work to gently exfoliate, nourish, and even the skin tone naturally.

Furthermore, not to mention, the super cute and earth-friendly packaging! They all come in beautifully illustrated cardboard boxes, tied down by string, and comes in 1pcs as well as 4pcs/6pcs mixed sets, making Orgaid Sheet Masks an ideal gift for the clean beauty lovers in your life (if, that is, you don’t decide to keep them for yourself first).

If listening to us rave about our own product is not enough for you, check out independent reviewer @thesosyalgal’s review on this line. We are in no way affiliated and are just excited to share this warm review echo-ing our sentiments with you. If you’re convinced and tried it on, do share with us your thoughts as well!




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