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My switch from Conventional Skincare/Make-up Brands To Natural and Organic Brands

October 14, 2017

Why I decided to switch from conventional skincare and makeup brands to natural and organic brands.


I started using skincare and make-up products since I was 18 years old. At that young age, I already have this belief that our skin is the most important ‘feature’ and best asset on our face or even entire body since it is the largest organ. We can have the most mesmerising eyes, high nose and sexy pouty lips but once the skin is blemished, filled with zits or acne plagued, no amount of make-up can camouflage them. In essence, natural, flawless and healthy glowing skin is the way to go and thankfully for me, I have been blessed with beautiful skin since young (quoted from everyone that I know and have been complimented by)



Over the years, I have used different brands of toners, moisturisers, serums and anti-aging stuff from off the counter brands to middle range and the occasion splurge on a luxury brand, all promising wonderful results based on their claimed unique formulation and technologies. Well, some brands did deliver the results as promised, or at least i thought they did. So I was happy with it and continued my religious regime of making sure my skin is healthy and always glowing.

Some years ago, in my late 30s, I began to notice some differences. My skin tends to be dry (which I blamed for my bad habit of late nights as the culprit). When I do apply my make-up on, the effect of the make-up does not seem to enhance it but instead it made my skin looked drier and i even noticed the make-up emphasizing my fine lines due to the dryness. Again, I attributed the reason to age and it is inevitable that our skin will change and tends to get dry.

Then, a few months ago as I hit age 42, I did a check-up with my gynecologist on my hormones and the results showed not very pleasant findings. Although the results was nothing life-threatening at all, it got me thinking…..

I started researching based on my result’s finding and happened to chance upon some articles that mentioned the skincare and make-up products we use can have an adverse effect on our hormones (aka hormones disruptors) and also cause health issues in the long run. To cut the story short, as I delved further into the research and started checking each ingredient on all my bottles, I realized I have indeed been consuming loads of toxins in one way or another through my skin, from perfume, to skincare to make-up products and even deodorant because these conventional brands with their promises to deliver results are mostly chemicals laden and with endocrine disruptors!

With my new awareness, I went on to research on natural or organic brands. I knew I had to take care of myself not just on the outside but the inside of my body which concerns my overall well-being and health. As the saying goes, if we are paying attention to the food that we put into our body, then why not our skincare and make-up products too as our skin being the largest organ will absorb anything and every single product we apply on it.

Researching on natural and organic skincare and make-up products is not an easy feat as a lot has to do with acquainting myself with those chemicals’ names (PEGs, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol and many more) and scientific names of natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, in Singapore, there aren’t as many organic brands available easily. Nevertheless, a few crazy weeks spent on equipping myself with the ingredient names and finding what are the organic brands of skincare and make-up available here was well worth it!


Thankfully too, a friend recommended and linked me to Michelle, the founder of Charis Naturals and I also found some good organic brands from iHerb through my research. I must say it is a pretty expensive exercise with the switch but I have since switched completely to using only natural and organic brands even for deodorants, shampoos and shower gel! Yes, it sounds extreme but I know it’s for the best of my well-being. As much as I believe that it is not possible to eliminate chemicals totally but at least, we reduce as much as we can and use products that are at least 90% organic or natural. Since then, I have seen improvement in my skin, and it is not dry anymore whether alone or with make-up on. The fine lines also seemed to have disappeared as my skin is more balanced now, rather than dry.

I am currently using the Urtekram lime deodorant and Studio 78 Paris’s eye pencil carried by Charis Naturals. The deodorant did last me quite well throughout the day and I love how smooth the eye pencil just glides on my eye lids without breaking easily like other eye pencils that I have used. Most importantly, they are made with natural or organic ingredients. I am now looking to try some other by Charis Naturals soon. My mind’s at peace now knowing that my well being and health are not being compromised at the expense of pursuing beauty.

Vanessa is a qualified image consultant, and has a penchant for beauty and fashion.

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