General antiperspirants and chemical-laden deodorants can clog up pores by not allowing the body to release the sweat necessary to cool it down and release toxins, this hinders a vital bodily function when you are in a warm and humid climate, such as Singapore and Malaysia. Such deodorants may cause a build up of toxins and inflammation of your skin.

Thank goodness, perspiration is not where body odour comes from, what really creates the embarrassing body odour is when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin.

Why should you select a natural deodorant?

Our organic deodorants pack a punch of deodorising properties and natural actives such as Zinc ricinoleate and Prebiotics, aluminium-free formulation that really works to keep you smelling pleasant throughout the day, simply reapply if you are prone to perspiration. For those with sensitive skin, we have the scent less no perfume deodorant which does not contain essential oils. The rest of our deodorants may contain a natural essential oil fragrance.

For the uninitiated, a natural deodorant is important as applying deodorants regularly to your armpit which is in close proximity to your lymph nodes and breast, increases the risk of the skin absorbing hormonal disrupters found in conventional deodorants. It is best to avoid the risk of these toxins being in your skincare. Incidentally, both Alzheimer’s and Breast cancer have been linked to aluminium compounds found in antiperspirants, so it is best to exercise care by choosing an effective yet natural deodorant, totally your choice.

Spreading some ❤️ for our Urtekram’s Deodorant Reviewers

“For this Urtekram Nordic Berries Cream Roll On Deodorant, it smells really good and its in such a portable size”

– Yee Leng @yeelenggg

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