A mix of Urtekrams organic hand soaps and hand creams. Our COSMOS organic hand soaps gently cleans skin with soft bubbles, and leaves it moisturized – only with natural ingredients. While our organic hand creams moisturise your hand and protect your skin’s natural balance. Pamper your tired hands with both our hand soaps and hand creams.

Urtekram Hand Creams

Urtekram Hand Creams are available in 5 soothing scents: Purple Lavender, Rose, Nordic Birch, Aloe Vera and Coconut.

Urtekram Hand Soaps

Urtekram Hand Soaps are available in 6 soothing scents: Purple Lavender, Rose, Nordic Birch, Nordic Berries, Green Matcha, Coconut.

Our Collection

Our latest collection from the Soothing Lavender series: Soothing Lavender Hand Cream, Hand Wash, Body Wash and Body Lotion.

How to use our Urtekram Hand Soap?

Simply press down a coin-sized amount of soap to leave your hands feeling clean and freshly scented.

Sharing some ❤️ for Urtekram Hand Cream trusted reviews 


” I am usually in an air conditioned room, so my hands can get really dry and this (Utekram Coconut Hand Cream) really helps to keep my hand moisturised”

– YeeLeng @yeelenggg

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