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Athenia is inspired by traditional remedies and wisdom, passed down generation after generation by the indigenous peoples in Asia. This selection of spa products celebrates the rhythms of nature, the herbal knowledge of the ancient medicine man, and brings the botanical spa right to your doorstep, in your bathroom. Indulge in the senses, get away from a hard day’s work. These premium scrubs are what you will find at the 5-star hotel spas, unpretentious, and of the highest quality.

If you live in Asia, this is a revival of the Locavore movement, where all ingredients are from a growing number of small local farmers in South East Asia, practicing organic farming, blending these fresh ingredients into delectable recipes with their labour of love.

· Locavore = support local communities, reduce ecological footprint.

· As produce is sourced from small farmers, natural ways of farming are practiced, without the use of pesticides.

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