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Health is beautiful. Be there.
Blissoma SOLUTIONS natural skin care is an Award-Winning collection.

Fig+Sage Best in Natural Beauty WINNERS –
Best Budget Friendly Line
Best Normal Skin Moisturizer – Awake
Best Oily Skin Moisturizer – Smooth
Best Cleanser for Problem Skin – Fresh

Our ingredients are based in the science of your skin and the unique biochemical reactions that make up your body. We prepare fresh herb extracts, juices, and source seed oils pressed on demand to maximize nutrient content. Our entire formulas are functional. Each ingredient contributes to the total effect of the product.

Life is dynamic and so is your skin. Our skin care collection respects that principle and is built on the same living energy. We gently encourage your daily rhythms of regeneration. All of our products enhance your skin’s ability to protect and heal on its own. We feed rather than force, inspire instead of irritate.

Note on shelf life of Blissoma products:
Blissoma products have an average shelf life of 12 months to 24 months.
Eg Deodorants have a shelf life of 18 months from manufacturing.
Eg, Refine mask has a shelf life of 12 months for the ingredients to be most active.
Eg, Stress relief serums actually have a shelf life of 36 months and longer due to the formulation.
We want to inform customers that due to this difference, to have an expectation that Different products from the same brand do have varying life spans and organic products generally have shorter shelf lives than the generic OTC products due to the natural formulation or when the product contains water. ( Blissoma uses a very low percentage of a natural preservative system.)
Think of it as food for your skin.

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