Skinergies Incidental Sun Serum

Skinergies’ advanced skincare is formulated to provide the skin with adequate protection for everyday use against ambient sunlight: our non-SPF technology combines the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants and star ingredient hyaluronic acid with natural and powerful filters of UV-A rays, blue light and Infra-Red (IR), that are the #1 cause of premature aging and worse, melanoma (skin cancer).

In addition, because our daily exposure to ambient sunlight is incidental, sporadic and made of short moments, our technology restores the natural properties of the skin to optimally manage the good and the bad of UV-B rays: allow vitamin D synthesis while fending off the risks of sunburns, especially for fair skin tones. One of the differentiating factors is that Skinergies Sun Smart Serum uses non-SPF technology that does not hinder the production of Vitamin D in your skin.

Specifically formulated for the face and other delicate areas of the body such as neck and décolleté, its proprietary technology simultaneously acts at 2 levels:

        1. It naturally stimulates your skin’s own sun defense system: by mimicking the action of sunlight on the skin, it keeps your body’s defense system active against UV radiation and blue light. This is called photo-adaptation, which is the ability of your own body to protect your skin against sunlight during brief and sporadic moments of exposure to natural light.
        2. It actively fights the signs of photoaging, primarily coming from invisible yet dangerous UV-A rays, but also from blue light – both natural and computer generated, and Infrared. Also with potent natural anti-oxidants and star ingredient hyaluronic acid for a full anti-photoaging solution.


Gently squeeze the tube once and mix serum with moisturizer before applying on clean face or on other sensitive exposed body areas (décolleté, shoulder). Can also be applied directly on the skin. Use once a day in the morning. Avoid contact with eyes.

“Below the makeup, I apply skinergies’ incidental sun smart serum, to naturally stimulate my skin’s own sun defense system to act against UV radiation and blue light (i.e. photo-adaptation). The booster serum also actively fights the signs of photoaging, primarily coming from invisible yet dangerous UV-A rays & blue light – both natural and computer generated, and Infrared. It contains potent natural anti-oxidants and star ingredient hyaluronic acid for a full anti-photoaging solution.”

Melissa Jane @melissajaneferosha 

Skinergistic Ingredients

An innovative trademarked formulation with these scientifically proven stem cells and potent ingredients.

Key Skinergistic Ingredients
Skinergistic Ingredients

Benefits of Sun Serum

Sun Serum Benefits, Improved Complexion, even skin tone, tightens pores, improves appearance of wrinkles, crow feet & creases, resistance to exposure to direct sunlight
Benefits of the Sun Serum


Q: Can I Wear Incidental Smart Serum In Place of Sun Screen?

A: Incidental Sun Smart Serum isn’t a sunscreen, that works by shielding your skin from UV exposure.

Our clinically-advanced skincare Smart Serum primarily helps support the skin’s natural sun defense and repair mechanisms, while fighting the signs of photo-aging. It’s a year-round, everyday, all day booster serum formulated to allow a worry-free experience during passive exposure to UV light (aka incidental sun exposure). Unlike a sunscreen that you need to replenish, Smart Serum is photo-active and only needs to be applied once a day. But for that trip to the beach or pool, always wear the appropriate clothing and/or sunscreen to avoid sun burns (and your Smart Serum!)

Q: What is Incidental Sun? 

Incidental sun exposure – also called daily passive exposure to sunlight – occurs during the times when you are passively exposed to ambient sunlight — running errands, driving, slipping out for coffee, or even at your desk with a window view at the office.

Incidental sun exposure

Incidental sun exposure occurs year-round.

        • UV-B rays are active during the “sunny” season and cause sunburns
        • UV-A rays are way more dangerous: equally intense and active year-round, they’re also 100 times stronger than UV-B, and the #1 cause for photoaging and worse, melanoma.

Daily Exposure to Ambient Sunlight causes damage to your skin.

Daily exposure to ambient sunlight accumulates and causes photo-aging. Distinct from chronologic aging, photo-aging alters normal skin structure: it is premature aging caused by repeated exposure to UV, primarily from daylight generated UV-A and UV-B but also from artificial UV sources.

Photo-aging appears on the most visible parts of the body — face, neck lips, back of the hand, and décolleté area for women. These areas are constantly exposed to daylight, year-round.Some visible signs of photo-ageing include wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, pigmentation

The A-B-Cs of UV & Visible Light

ABCs of UV & Visible Light
ABCs of UV & Visible Light

More about UV Radiation & UV Index

Solar UV Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation refers to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that has a wavelength between 100-400 nm. The sun emits ultraviolet radiation in three bands, UVA (315-400 nm), UVB (280-315 nm) and UVC (100-280 nm).  The ozone layer in the stratosphere prevents almost all UVC rays and up to 90% of UVB rays from reaching the earth’s surface. Thus 94% of UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface consists of UVA rays and only 6% consists of UVB rays.

Interaction of ultra-violet radiation with the earth’s atmosphere before it reaches the surface (NEA)

UV Index (UVI)

The UVI describes the level of solar UV radiation at the Earth’s surface and is dependent on both UVA and UVB radiation.  UV radiation levels and therefore the values of the index vary throughout the day. The maximum UV radiation level typically occurs during the four-hour period between 11am and 3pm.

Typical Variation of UVI in Singapore

Beautiful sunny weather in Singapore all year round means we must be more diligent in our UV protection. It is common for the UV Index in Singapore to reach Very High and Extreme levels in the four hour period between 11 am and 3 pm on a day with little cloud cover daily.

UV Index on a typical day with little cloud cover (NEA)
Average variation of daily maximum UVI values across the year (NEA)

UVI values are higher during months where there is less cloud cover and when the position of the sun is directly over the equator.  This depicts the average variation of daily maximum UVI values across the year.

Q: How can Skinergies Sun Smart Serum help?

A: Skinergies Sun Smart Serum activates your skin’s own defence against UV, blue light from devices and infra-red for the whole day, with a one-time morning application. Unlike SPF sunscreen, this does not need to be reapplied.

Sharing some ❤️ for Skinergies Sun Serum- trusted reviews 

Customer Reviews on our Sun Serum


“I’ve been using this serum for several weeks and I really like it. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and didn’t cause me to breakout as I have acne prone skin… even in my 40’s. It also did not cause irritation on my children’s sensitive skin nor did it look “ghostly” on the skin as many spf’s. I like that its innovative but still natural and no need to reapply throughout the day. If you are looking for something light to wear over your regular moisturizer this works very well. There were times that I used it without moisturizer and it felt great. It looks white straight from the container but goes on sheer and makes your skin look more radiant. I would recommend this.”


“Bought this serum a few months ago and is now part of my morning routine, it not only protects my skin but it has improved the look of my pores which was a pleasant surprise for me. I highly recommend this product!”


“I love how lightweight this serum is. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue on my face, or clog my pores. Super easy to add to my moisturizer every morning. My skin is important to me, and I’m grateful for Skinergies!”


“I’m a huge fan of serums, and I haven’t found a sunscreen that doesn’t clog my pores. The Incidental Sun smart serum is the best of both worlds. It pairs beautifully with my existing serums while jumpstarting my skin’s natural ability to protect itself from ambient sun. I’m not in direct sunlight that often but now I no longer feel guilty (or worried!) about not wearing sunscreen. And the Smart Serum keeps me shine-free, which is an added bonus. Been using this product for about six months now and loving it. Already on my second tube, and really appreciate the free shipping and fast delivery.”


“The idea of being able to use a natural product for sun protection is very appealing. The ability to mix it with my regular morning moistuizer makes it amazing! I have been using this serum every day as part of my regular routine and love it. I have very fair, sensitive skin and I have not had any reaction since using. Do not even know that I have it on. There is no heavy feeling; no strong fragrance; just a simple application. One less step in the morning makes it easier to adhere to!”

James C shares that the serum didn’t cause him to break out as he has acne-prone skin. It’s also natural-looking and gives him a radiant look. On the other hand, Sol’s skin got so used to this smooth and soft serum that it’s a must for him now.
Claudia’s skin looks and feels amazing after using the serum while Aurelie sheds light on the easy usage and how she feels more confident to be protected against dangerous sun effects. Beatrice is a big fan of the serum because it protects her skin and has improved the looks of her pores.


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