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We’re experienced crafters of twenty first century versions of popular Victorian skin, body and bath care products. Our company has a unique history dating back to the Victorian era when Victorian ladies hand made their own moisturizing creams, lotions and bath oils using herbs and flower extracts grown in their gardens, combined with beeswax from the apiaries which many middle class and upper class Victorian households kept at the bottom of their gardens ! Our oldest original recipe dates back to 1860.

By today’s standards, some of the original recipes and the instructions given to make them may best be described as hair raising but please don’t worry – we have left out the arsenic, lead and other toxic chemical ingredients and we’re focused on using as near 100% Certified Organic and Natural ingredients as possible.

These exquisite products are formulated by a team of experienced and innovative biochemists and are destined for the discerning consumer keen to change to a healthier lifestyle. We use lots of popular Victorian herbal and floral extracts along with ancient African plant oils, as well as a few rare and exotic English “Heirloom” plant extracts for our special Royal Tudor products.

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