We select the purest most naturally derived ingredients possible which we use for their specific beneficial properties on the skin.

99% of our ingredients are Certified Organic, non Certified Organic and Natural. We use a new paraben free 1% synthetic preservative system in order to keep products stable and safe and to comply with international standards in natural/organic skincare products. This ingredient is approved by Organic Certification bodies for use in Natural/Organic skincare products.

The various ingredients of our products are chosen for their exceptional ability to destroy free radicals which attack the collagen in the skin resulting in loss of elasticity and the onset of wrinkles and lines. Anti oxidants such as Vitamin A, E, B and C are powerful anti free radical agents and many of our essential oils and herbal extracts contain these.

We believe that skin can be normalised and balanced properly and brought into an optimum health state easily by selecting the correct products containing natural oils and herbal extracts. However, diet has a role to play in skin care and one should also consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables daily and drink plenty of pure water. This helps tremendously to delay the ageing process. We try to keep our products consistent in texture and colour but products can be effected by heat and sunlight so its wise to keep your products away from direct light and heat.

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