Dear friends and clients,

We have a large one-time warehouse clearance sale as we were hit by Redmart’s Closure of our store for about 15 months between 2020 to 2021. Redmart had shut our store as it was selling non-essential non-food products during Covid, and this was done without prior notification. We had ordered a shipment of quality organic certified beauty products from Denmark (Europe) shortly after Covid started in Singapore in anticipation of supply chain constraints during COVID. This sudden closure was a tremendous shock to us due to the fact that Redmart was our primary channel and we are a small local merchant with limited resources. We never received any form of restitution for this ordeal.

We humbly thank you for supporting Clearance Sales as part of our environmental consciousness efforts. Our commitment is that they have been shipped & stored properly and we have tested these products in-house and are confident they do last/ are effective generally within 12 months post the printed label date as long as you store it in a cool place. To ensure this is a win-win, we have also reduced the prices significantly (below cost in many cases) and hope customers both new and regulars get to sample our products or snag a great bargain! Thank you once again!

*We cannot guarantee the availability of clearance stock as they are available on different channels, and we reserve the right to refund the customers should any item be sold out.

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