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Product Labels: Don’t Fall Prey to False Organic Labelling!

June 13, 2018

Lets explore the truth about Organic Labelling in products – how brands can deceive the undiscerning consumer  into purchasing products that are not really organic, and how to spot the truly organic ones.

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There are millions of products in the vast marketplace that claim to be ‘Organic’ and ‘All Natural’, but how do you actually know for sure? You may think that purchasing a product with the word ‘Organic’ in its name means that it has been made with organic ingredients, but you may be wrong. There is currently no law against the false labelling of ‘organic’ beauty products, unlike organic food – hence a product can be said to be as organic, albeit not containing any organic ingredients at all. We call this Greenwashing. Many brands slap the word ‘Organic’ on their product labels, misleading consumers into thinking that they are paying a higher price for better ingredients, when in reality, the ingredients used in the products may not be organic or even natural. Some products even contain harmful and banned ingredients! A survey conducted by the Soil Association showed that 69% of people surveyed feel that mislabelling should be against the law. All these just goes to show that organic labelling should be taken seriously in personal care products and beauty products!

However, all hope is not lost! There exists an international organic cosmetic standard that brands and products can follow – known as the COSMOS ORGANIC Certification of Ecocert Greenlife. Ecocert Greenlife is one of the most important regulatory bodies when we talk about organic personal care products. Their requirements are one of the strictest, so you can rest assured that certified products hold up to the standards starting from the source of ingredients. You will find these logos used by brands who have gone through the strict  process of obtaining certification.


The ECOCERT logo that you can spot on products that have been certified to be more than 95% organic by COSMOS.

Some of their stringent requirements include:

  • Min. 20% of the product must be organic.
  • Raw material must be free of contaminated heavy metals, hydro carbons, pesticides, dioxins, GMO (genetically modified organisms), nitrates and must be manufactured through simple processes
  • Minimum 95% of ingredients must be of natural origin.
  • Minimum 95% of plant components must be organic.
  • Synthetic dyes, synthetic perfume, synthetic antioxidants and plasticizers, synthetic oils and fats, ingredients from the oil industry, silicone can be not be used in the products
  • Assess how the environmental performance are developing (management, legislation, emission and waste)
  • No animal testing allowed.
  • The packaging must not be contaminated and must be recyclable (PVC, PS and multilayer plastic is forbidden).

(Adapted from https://www.urtekram.com/organic-guide/organic-care)

Our team here at Charis Naturals understands and appreciates the fact that everyone deserves the best that nature can offer. Our body is a precious vessel that must be treated with care and respect. Hence, we specially curate and import clean beauty products that have been certified by recognised Organic standards OR harnessing certified organic and natural ingredients. We work with brands whose founders are close to the source of their ingredients and take pride to select high quality raw ingredients to yield efficacious results.


Photo adapted from Content (https://blog.contentbeautywellbeing.com/get-the-guide-soil-association-certified-organicbeauty-brands-we-love/)


Look out for the ECOCERT Logo at the bottom left! Photo from Urtekram’s website.

Urtekram is a reputable brand from Scandinavia, and all Urtekram’s care products are:

  • Certified organic with the COSMOS ORGANIC certification of Ecocert Greenlife
  • Except the Deo Stick (COSMOS Natural)
  • Without endocrine disrupting parabens and synthetic preservatives
  • Made with vegetable ingredients
  • Without petrochemical ingredients
  • Not tested on animals

(Adapted from https://www.urtekram.com/organic-guide/organic-care)


What do all these organic labelling mean for you when you support these brands?

You can rest assured in knowing your skin and body is being taken care of, the planet is being taken care of, and you can enjoy self care and pampering with utmost peace of mind.

As each individual is unique, we believe consumers  should learn what works for you and what doesn’t, to make informed decisions on your beauty regime.

Welcome Summer with a fresh perspective!

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