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Sorabudo botanic serum (30ml)

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This serum can be used after cleansing, and Sorabudo lotion. Or simply use it right after cleansing. Sasa Kurilensis, resveratrol, ceramides, hawthorn berry are a potent combination that makes your skin soft, beautiful and strong.

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  • why we love it

    This lightweight serum is really the drink that your skin needs, its ingredients are derived from Japan, and is an advanced formulation. Within 3 weeks, your skin will look and feel transformed, resilient from inner strength.
  • description

    This is our Crème de la crème, and we have such glowing accolades  for this serum, it is the uncompromising selection of ingredients that makes this a holy grail in your skincare routine.

    This serum is formulated without added water, so the undiluted serum is incredibly concentrated, with antioxidants and ceramides, yet it applies like a light layer and makes your skin resilient with daily use. Made in Japan, Sorabudo’s organic serum use using Sasa Kurilensis which has 5x the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid, is it can retain moisture up to 5000x its molecular weight in water. It protects your skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, pollution and preserves full moisture in your skin.

    Grape stem cell liposomes help penetrate the serum deep into the skin. Upon regular use, skin begins to glow.


    Key Active Ingredients

    Grape yeast extract (yeast extract)

    Grape yeast extract (yeast extract)

    Each of our products features the use of generous amounts of high-purity grape yeast extract, manufactured at our facilities using red grapes cultivated in the vineyards of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture. This extract features a special structure similar to that of the moisture-preserving natural moisturizing factor (NMF) found in the stratum corneum, making it easily absorbed by the skin.



    Resveratrol (grape leaf/skin/seed extract)

    A type of polyphenol, resveratrol helps to alleviate the causes of spots and dullness and regulates dermal rhythms, which tend to deviate with age.

    Grape stem cells (grape stem cell extract)

    These provide protection from ultraviolet rays for epidermal stem cells, which support regulation of the dermal rhythm and hyaluronic acid production, and help to preserve the health and youthfulness of the skin.

    Suizenji-nori polysaccharide

    Suizenji-nori polysaccharide

    This moisturizing component is extracted from the rare suizenji-nori algae, which, in Japan, can be found growing wild only in the clear streams of Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture. With nature’s highest water retention capacity at five times that of hyaluronic acid, it envelops the skin in a layer of moisture, protecting it against external irritation and drying.

    Rice/rice bran ceramides (glucosylceramide)
    Rice/rice bran ceramides (glucosylceramide)

    Intercellular lipids are found within the stratum corneum and is responsible for approximately 80% of the skin’s moisture retention ability. The main component among these lipids are ceramides. The power of organic JAS-certified rice-derived ceramides assists in keeping the skin moist and enhancing the effectiveness of its barrier.


    Bilberry leaf extract

    Bilberry leaf extract

    Derived from a type of northern European wild blueberry, this extract is rich in polyphenols.

    Maize-derived vitamin C derivative (ethyl ascorbic acid)

    Maize-derived vitamin C derivative (ethyl ascorbic acid)

    Featuring excellent penetrability into the skin (stratum corneum), this component assists in alleviating spotting, enhancing the luster of the skin.
    Hawthorn berry extract

    Hawthorn berry extract

    An extract derived from a plant in the rose family, it imbues luster.



  • ingredients

    Yeast Extract, Sasa Kurilensis Water, Water, Resveratrol, Grape leaf/skin/seed extract, Grape berry cell extract, Butylene Glycol (plant derived), Polysaccharide, Ascorbic ethyl, Glucosylceramide, Hawthorn berry extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Glycerin, α‐glucan, Citric acid, Tartaric acid, Lactic acid, Lecithin, Lactobacillus/fermented Wasabi root extract, Leukonocost/fermented Daikon radish root essence, Cyclodextrin, Maltosyl-cyclodextrin, Di Maltosyl-cyclodextrin, Isomalt and Malt sugar (maltose).
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