Skinergies Incidental Sun Smart Serum

We are passively exposed to incidental sunlight daily. This causes photoaging/premature skin aging – such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet & pigmentation.

Introducing Our Sun Smart Serum Which Is An Everyday

Solution Specifically Formulated To Tackle Everyday UV Rays.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet and creases caused by invisible yet dangerous UV-A rays & blue light.

Why Incidental Sun Smart Serum?

Achieve strong protection against ambient sunlight that other forms of sun protection can’t provide.

Naturally Stimulates Your Skin’s Own Sun Defense System

Protects your skin against brief and sporadic moments of natural sunlight exposure.

360 Protection Against Premature Skin Aging

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow feet and creases caused by invisible yet dangerous UV-A rays & blue light.

Demonstrated Results

5-star customer reviews, clinical studies demonstrating the performance of our actives.

All-Time Blue Light & Infrared Protection​

Protect against High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) from daily exposure to digital screen devices. Achieve radiant skin & a natural glow!

All-Time UV Protection

Restore your skin’s own SPF and activate UV protection from within, every time you need it. Prevent tanning and achieve a smooth & even skin tone!

Suitable for All Skin Types & Conditions

Non-greasy, non-sticky. Does not clog pores or cause breakouts. Does not cause pigmentation.

Our Brand Founder Explains…

How Our Smart Serum Protects Your Skin Against Incidental Sunlight

Our Brand Founder Explains…

How Our Smart Serum Protects Your Skin Against Incidental Sunlight

What Makes Our
Serum Smart?

As the first in skincare to feature smart technology, Skinergies’ sun smart serum helps your skin safely maximise on the benefits of passive exposure to sunlight and fights the visible effects of photoaging.

Skinergies Technology is…

Activates Your Melanin Efficacy, For UV Protection From Within

Melanin serves as a physical barrier and protects against the penetration of UV through the epidermis. Activation of Melanin activates the ability of the body to defend itself against the damages caused by UV exposure, by scavenging free radicals and limiting the oxidation of skin cells, and the deterioration of DNA.


Our biomimetic peptide mimics the action of sunlight on your skin and naturally boosts the efficacy of the melanin, UV protection and repair properties. Without affecting your skin tone, it will maintain a natural glow without creating any disruption in pigmentation.


Your skin can then actively mitigate the harmful effects of daily UV rays.

Adds Anti-Aging Boosters

As melanin alone is insufficient in protecting against excessive & repeated UV exposure such as powerful & all-natural UV-A, Blue light & IR filters, antioxidants and star ingredients proprietary peptides, microalgae extract and lingonberry stem cells, for full anti-photoaging benefits.

Beyond Sun Protection

The capabilities of Incidental Sun Smart Serum don’t stop at just protecting you from daily sunlight exposure.


Because we are on digital screen devices more than ever, blue light & infrared generated from smartphones, laptops & more can penetrate deeper into the skin as compared to UV light, potentially leading to more cellular skin damage and pigmentation, hence speeding up the skin aging process.


With Skinergies Incidental Sun Smart Serum, multiply your protection and shield your skin against blue light & infrared damage!

Beyond Sun Protection

The capabilities of Incidental Sun Smart Serum don’t stop at just protecting you from daily sunlight exposure.


Because we are on digital screen devices more than ever, blue light & infrared generated from smartphones, laptops & more can penetrate deeper into the skin as compared to UV light, potentially leading to more cellular skin damage and pigmentation, hence speeding up the skin aging process.


With Skinergies Incidental Sun Smart Serum, multiply your protection and shield your skin against blue light & infrared damage!


Types Of UV Exposure

Passive UV Exposure

Short moments of daily sunlight exposure.

Primarily comprising of UV-A rays (aging rays), which speed up the process of premature skin aging and melanoma (skin cancer)

Prolonged UV Exposure

Intense & intentional exposure to sunlight

Presence of UV-A & UV-B rays. UV-A rays speed up premature skin aging and melanoma (skin cancer) & UV-B causes sunburns

Sun Smart
Serum VS.

Sun Smart Serum VS. Sunscreen

Incidental Sun Smart Serum
  1. Protects against both Passive & Prolonged UV Exposure
  2. Protects against both UV-A from sunlight & Blue Light from digital screen devices
  3. 24/7 Protection
  4. Only ONE-TIME application needed in the morning
  5. Suitable for use in your daily routine. Can also be applied before sunscreen during outdoor activities.
Normal Sunscreen
  1. Only protects against Prolonged UV Exposure
  2. Only protects against UV-B from sunlight
  3. Only 1–2 hours protection
  4. Needs to replenish after 1-2 hours or after excessive sweating
  5. Suitable for outdoor activities when exposed to sunlight for long hours

Key Ingredients

a-MSH Biomimetic Peptide
Mimicking the action of sunlight on skin, this innovative peptide has a triple action for sun damage protection: it increases the skin’s ability to produce melanin, repairs DNA limiting photoaging and soothes sun-ravaged skin for reduced redness.
Porphyra Umbilicalis
A traditional sea vegetable better known as “Nori”, this sustainable organism lives in shallow water or on the beach where it is exposed to extreme UV radiation. It belongs to the family of the MAAs (mycrosporine-like amino acids), the strongest UV-A absorbing compounds in nature.
Photosynthetic Plankton Extract
Captures sunlight and activates other ingredients in the product.
Lingonberry Stem Cells
Designed to prevent and reverse photoaging, mimicking one of nature’s solutions for fighting the damaging effects of solar radiation in plants. We utilise this super smart ingredient because of its multiple anti-photoaging benefits: due to its high content in polyphenals, it has the ability to avoid oxidative stress, enhancing the cell’s own antioxidant mechanisms and modulating the inflammatory response.
Green Freshwater Microalgae Scenedesmus Rubescens
Living in fresh water lakes, this particular microalgae has developed a unique defense system against natural and artificial – in particular blue light – induced stress. It’s a sustainable, natural ingredient with proven protection and regeneration properties from UV and blue light induced skin damage.

Surveys & Clinical Studies

  • Customers with different skin types & colours commented that the product was easy to use and better if used every day.
  • Works as a sun defence but not the same as traditional SPF. There are no synthetic filters, no endocrine disrupters and no white cast, catering to all ethnicities. It helps to improve skin conditions and does not clog pores, which is a common grouse in SPF products.
  • Female customers gave spontaneous feedback, saying that using the smart serum as a makeup base helped their makeup to stay on much longer and also gave the makeup a glow.
  • Customers with oily skin type are recommended to use the smart serum on its own and to apply it directly onto the skin.
  • Customers with dry skin type are recommended to mix the smart serum with moisturiser before applying it onto the skin.
Protect DNA Against both UV-A and UV-B
This graph shows a significantly higher protection against both UV-A and UV-B damage (71% and 90% respectively) in Situation B vs. Situation A. Situation A resembles a regular day, after sunscreen fades away, rendering negligible protection.
Better Performance of Skinergies VS. Synthetic Sunscreen
When measured after 2 weeks, the capacity of incidental sun smart serum’s UV-A filter to neutralise free radicals was slightly superior to that of a sunscreen with synthetic filters, with 1% UV-A filter and 4% UV-B filter.
Alexia Lim

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I’m just a girl that is obsessed with skincare! I do not apply a whole lot of makeup these days (because you know, we’re home a lot lately), but I will never miss a day of sunscreen!

Lucky for me, I’ve been pairing Skinergies Incidental Sun Smart serum from Charis Naturals with my moisturiser! The serum does naturally help to stimulate my skin’s own sun defense system to act against UV radiation & blue light from devices! It contains natural biomimetic peptides which repairs DNA, Nori, lingonberry stem cells- potent anti-oxidants & star ingredient hyaluronic acid for a full anti-photoaging solution! 😘💕

Instagram: @alexialim



A: Skinergies Sun Smart Serum activates your skin’s own defence against UV, blue light from devices and infra- red for the whole day, with a one-time morning application. Unlike SPF sunscreen, this does not need to be reapplied.

Skinergies is the only skincare conceived to support and restore the natural sun protection and repair properties of the skin, making both better equipped to benefit from the good elements of UV exposure while fending off the damaging side-effects, specifically during incidental sun situations.

A: Sun smart serum isn’t a sunscreen are not meant to either compete with or replace traditional sunscreens; we use a different approach and are not meant for the same situations. Unlike sunscreen that you need to replenish, Smart Serum is photo-active and only needs to be applied once a day. But for that trip to the beach or pool, always wear the appropriate clothing and/or sunscreen to avoid sun burns, not forgetting your sun smart serum as well!

Traditional sunscreens contain filters – chemical or mineral – that act as shields and either absorb or block UV light from penetrating the skin, hence preventing the synthesis of vitamin D. They are typically used during the sunny season or when intentionally going to the beach or pool. For a sunscreen to be truly efficient, a certain quantity of the active SPF ingredient must be applied to the skin (hence making products like sunscreen sprays or makeup with SPF not as effective because the active SPF ingredient is too diluted). Plus, sunscreen must be reapplied every hour or so to maintain protection.

Our clinically-advanced sun smart serums are designed to restore the skin’s own photoprotection and repair properties, helping to naturally manage the impacts of passive sun exposure, a mechanism is called photoadaptation. That’s why we recommend using it all year. First of all, premature aging culprits such as UVA, blue and infrared light (IR) are equally intense in the winter as in the summer. But also because our melanin needs to be constantly stimulated if we want it to be efficient, especially when the strength of UVB’s intensifies during the sunny season. Finally, even in the absence of direct sunlight, our products work on stimulating the activity of the melanocytes, without the risk of creating hyperpigmentation.

A: Our sun smart serum have been clinically tested against allergies, and are approved by dermatologists as suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

On the Fitzpatrick skin type scale, Skinergies products are suitable for all skin types from 1 (very fair) to 5 (very dark). And although the darker the skin tone the more melanin is present to protect against sunburns and subsequent skin cancer, all skin types are equally vulnerable to photoaging as a consequence of exposure to UVAs, blue light and IR, which makes Skinergies highly beneficial and suitable to all skin types.

A: Hyperpigmentation, which is the appearance of uneven pigmentation on different areas of the skin, can unfortunately be the consequence of many factors including hormonal and systemic. On a strict skincare level, independent tests performed on our serum have shown no disruption in the distribution of the pigmentation.

In humans, melanin is the primary pigment that gives skin and hair its unique color, and the presence of melanin in the skin helps to protect and repair our DNA from the damaging effects of UV light. Melanin serves as a physical barrier that scatters UV rays, as an absorbent filter that protects against the penetration of UV through the epidermis, and as a repair agent against oxidation in skin cells. In hair, it provides the color, and acts as a protection of proteins such as keratin, keeping the hair soft, strong and healthy.

A very delicate pigment, improper care of melanin can also be the cause of skin disruptions, starting with hyperpigmentation or worse. Skinergies incidental sunTM system is innovative skincare to feature ingredients that help naturally support the melanin in your skin, and make the most of incidental sun moments.

Today, our melanin isn’t as strong as it should be. Because of our increasingly indoor lifestyles and our lack of chronic, non-burning sun exposure (and the use of products that inhibit the production of melanin), melanin doesn’t get the regular stimulation it needs, leaving our skin unable to adequately respond to and protect during the daily moments of passive exposure to UV. In fact, we are gradually losing our photoadaptation capabilities, making our skin and hair more increasingly vulnerable to daily photodamage. Whether it’s photoaging (A as in UVA Rays) or sunburn (B as in UVB rays) or worse, when skin cancer develops

Restoring photoadaptation and the photoprotective properties of the skin is at the heart of Skinergies’ technology. Skinergies’ Incidental Sun Smart Serum has been specifically formulated to support your skin’s sun defense and repair mechanisms, every day, year-round, for a younger looking complexion.

A: Use one tiny pump every morning, alone directly on skin or mixed serum with your daily moisturiser / make-up before applying on clean face, near eye area or other exposed body areas and let it work through the day.
A: SPF, or sun protection factor, is the commonly used unit of measure for the level of UVB filtering in a sunscreen. And while overexposure to UVB rays can cause the skin to burn, UVB are the rays that help the body synthesize Vitamin D, and allow for an increase in melanin levels—both of which are very beneficial to overall health. Skinergies products are conceived to help the skin synthesize vitamin D and restore its natural photoadaptation properties, for a better management of the impacts of sporadic and passive sun exposure on the skin and health. Our ingredients have antioxidant and moisturizing properties, and blue light, IR, and UVA filtering properties.

A: Skinergies is clinically-advanced, dermatologist approved clean beauty that is free of harsh, undesirable chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, and GMOs. We do not test on animals, and each of our products is made with care in the USA.

As a company, Skinergies is 100% committed to cruelty-free practices and we never have, nor will we ever, test our products on animals.

A: For optimum efficacy, texture, and freshness, Skinergies recommends all products be used within 12 months of opening. Although we utilize airless bottles and tubes whenever possible, due to a reaction with one of our antioxidant ingredients, a slight oxidizing (or browning) of our products can occur. This oxidation is 100% normal and in no way affects the performance or safety of the product. Like all skincare products, we recommend you store Skinergies products in a cool, dark location and avoid leaving in direct sunlight or next to a source of heat.

The A-B-Cs of UV & Visible Light

Sunlight contains visible light rays and also invisible ultraviolet rays that can tan or burn the skin. There are two main types of invisible UV rays that pass through our atmosphere and reach the skin, as well as blue light which is part of the visible light spectrum:

Sometimes called “Aging” rays, UVA can penetrate clouds an glass, and are present during all daylight hours with equal intensity, all year long. UV-A rays are the most damaging to skin at the deepest levels, 100 times stronger than UV-B rays and a main cause of irreversible damage, starting with premature aging. It is the #1 cause for photoaging and worse, melanoma.

Active during the “sunny season”. Filtered by clouds and gases in our atmosphere, UVB rays tan and burn the skin (think of the “B” for burn). UVB rays mostly hit our skin during what we call the sunny season – spring and summer. Essential to our health, UVBs are necessary for the body to synthetize Vitamin D from sunlight.

Blue Light (BL) has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. That means it’s both good and bad for skin. Believed to be a mood booster, BL is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and regulates circadian rhythms. However, BL can negatively affect the eyes as, unlike UV rays, BL Penetrates the retina. Research has discovered that BL is also a growing factor in premature aging because BL can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, where it impacts collagen and elastin. Alarmingly, while most BL is found in sunlight, our constant, round-the-clock usage of electronics – phones tablets & computers – exposes us to the most BL, making it a 24/6 skin & health concern.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation refers to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum that has a wavelength between 100-400 nm. The sun emits ultraviolet radiation in three bands, UVA (315-400 nm), UVB (280- 315 nm) and UVC (100-280 nm). The ozone layer in the stratosphere prevents almost all UVC rays and up to 90% of UVB rays from reaching the earth’s surface. Thus 94% of UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface consists of UVA rays and only 6% consists of UVB rays.
The UVI describes the level of solar UV radiation at the Earth’s surface and is dependent on both UVA and UVB radiation. UV radiation levels and therefore the values of the index vary throughout the day. The maximum UV radiation level typically occurs during the four-hour period between 11am and 3pm. Beautiful sunny weather in Singapore all year round means we must be more diligent in our UV protection. It is common for the UV Index in Singapore to reach Very High and Extreme levels in the four-hour period between 11 am and 3 pm on a day with little cloud cover daily. UVI values are higher during months where there is less cloud cover and when the position of the sun is directly over the equator. This depicts the average variation of daily maximum UVI values across the year.

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