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The humble facial soap bar

February 26, 2015

I have always been a fan of liquid face cleansers and everything that was conveniently dispensed from a pump bottle.

It wasn’t until recently that I rediscovered the almost forgotten soap bar that I have relegated to the retro times of my childhood. Back then, soap bars were the norm for shower. The gooey mess it turned into soon after the 1st week of use didn’t do much to convert me when I was a kid.

Now, as I re-examine this piece of traditional sud forming bar, I have found it wasn’t difficult to fall in love with this palm sized object of fancy again. It is simple and economical, and you should consider it especially if you are on a budget, yet want a clean and luxurious regime of premium ingredients- ie, natural and eco- conscious, then join me in this rekindled love.

There are many natural body soaps in the market- look for those with 100% natural ingredients and no colouring/no synthetic preservatives- that would soothe your skin gently. Usually, facial soaps have a higher content of flower, plant oils, and antioxidants for visible results.

Some tips and tricks:

1) Cut the new soap bar into 4 pieces
Use them 1 by 1 to prevent the bar from disintegrating or losing its effectiveness as you expose it to moist conditions in the bathroom. The other advantage is that you can dedicate one piece to washing your face and another for your body, so it is super hygienic.

2) Use a soap magnet
Add this stylish piece to match the design of your bathroom. Your soap will drip dry off the sink after use, so this helps prolong the life of your soap.

3) Conserve the soap bar/keep it dry
If you want to save $, another effective way of preserving your soap is to put it in a soap bag during use and for easy storage. It looks like this, and it lathers very well despite being contained in the bag throughout the use of the bar. When not in use, simply hang the soap bag on the shower rack to drip dry.

soap bag

4) Ingredients of natural soap is rich in plant glycerine, and is absolutely nutritive for your skin
Blissoma oatmilk lavender facial soap (sgd 19.90) https://charisnaturals.com/brands/blissoma-1/soap-clean-oat-lav-smooth-sensitive.html is concocted from a precious blend of essential oils in an oatmilk base with sunflower oil. This lovely artisan soap is suitable for sensitive skin and has many botanical actives( lavender) which calm the skin. unlike normal soap, it does not use mainly palm and coconut oil as its base, which is cheaper. It smells wonderful and has been used for treating facial acne conditions, and has also helped those with eczema on their bodies .
Men have also used it as a shaving bar, and we have been told they like the soothing after feel.


Blissoma mature skin rooibos soap https://charisnaturals.com/brands/blissoma-1/clean-mature-moisture-facial-cleansing-bar.html- this is for our clients who have dry skin, the high dosage of antioxidants and plant oils help to rehydrate the skin, and have antiageing effects.

5) Travel with it
Simply wrap it with glad wrap ( those you use for food) or ziplock / small soap dish and bring it with your luggage. By the end of the trip, you may not have to bring any of it back as you may have used up the soap bar. So come home lighter, without additional bottles.


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