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Your guide to farm tours and produce in Singapore

April 17, 2019
Fire Flies Health Farm, Singapore

This week on the blog, we’ll like to share something a bit different and away from our usual beauty and skincare posts to introduce some of our local organic goods sources – farms in Singapore! 🌱

  1. Fire Flies Health Farm
    Founded in 1998, Fire Flies grows a wide selection of produce with leafy and wild vegetables, local fruits, legumes, melons and local herbs that are available for sale. With the motto of “Eat with a healthier peace of mind”, Fire Flies uses an all organic farming method with no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any animal waste. Their believe that soil, with the presence of essential micronutrients and minerals, provide an environment for the all-rounded development of plants. These nutrients and minerals in turn have a positive impact on the health of human beings. Most of their products are grown on soil, and in harmony with nature, with sustainable farming methods for not just ourselves, but for Mother Earth and our future generations as well.
  2. Quan Fa Organic Farm
    At Quan Fa Organic Farm, they subscribe to ecological agrarian methods of farming, abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers. To ensure the freshness of the produce, all harvesting and packaging is only done in the morning. The Quan Fa Compost System originated from a Japanese technique using a unique culturing medium to eliminate obnoxious odors of raw materials. The compost is used throughout the farm to condition dead soil back to its arable state, which eventually enhances and stimulates plant growth. With the improvement in soil activity, our vegetables need not require external substances such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  3. Green Circle Eco-Farm
    Green Circle is situated at the North-West corner of Singapore owned and farmed by 2 locals since 1999. They follow organic farming principles with special emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture and no artificial chemicals are allowed in the farm. It is named GreenCircle Eco-Farm because they mainly use tree leaves and reject mung beans from bean sprout factories to make fertilizers. The owners are dead serious about the quality of their farms that you aren’t even allowed to wear perfume on your visit as it might attract bees!

These are just some of the many organic farms we have in Singapore. Charis is not affiliated with any of them nor is this a sponsored post, we’re just listing some of our favourites in town if you would like to transform your diet together with your organic beauty routine and just don’t know where to start! 🙂

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